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My School Essay

Today if there is any institution which exerts the greatest influence on us after the family, it is the school. The years that we spend in school are not merely time spent in learning and filling our minds with knowledge, but also time spent in moulding our character, acquiring various attitudes and imbibing basic principles of life. The basic traits of our personality are formed during our school days. The name of my school is Don Bosco Secondary School. It is situated in a town called Tura, W.Garo hills, Meghalaya. It is considered to be one of the finest schools in the state, highly acclaimed for its excellent HSLC results. The school building is an impressive structure. It consists of four floors and has about 25 classrooms. Classrooms are spacious and airy. see more:speech on my school Two staircases at both ends lead to the floors. The school has a well equipped library, a well- established science laboratory and an excellent computer room, all of which are situated on the third floor. The schools auditorium situated on the top-most floor is said to be the finest hall in the region. The Principal’s office, clerk’s room and the Staff Room are on the ground floor, close to the entrance. The school canteen is another important part of the school complex. It is situated on a separate wing close to the ground floor. Two cemented basketball courts stand in front of the Principal’s office, while the school’s football field lies at the far end of the compound. A small garden full of flower plants surrounds the school building adding to the charm and beauty of the entire complex. My school has over 1500 children studying from nursery to class X and a staff of over 45. Our headmaster is an experienced and a very efficient person, who has been at his job for the last 15 years and more. Under his able direction, the school has been obtaining cent percent HSLC results over the last 10 years. The teachers are well experienced and well versed in their subjects. My school has also made a name for itself in the field of cultural pursuits and sports activities. The school band is considered to be one of the best bands in the whole region. The principal celebrations in my school are School Annual Sports Day, Parents’ Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Anniversary Day, Founder’s Day, etc., which are celebrated in a grand manner. Co-curricular activities, such as, scouting, N.C.C., Eco- Club, School band, etc. have contributed in making my school an excellent educational institution of the region. What I like most in my school, is the discipline that exists there. The headmaster as well as the teachers are disciplined and men and women of character. They do not allow any untruly behaviour or any undisciplined activities by students. A lot of emphasis is given to character formation, moral education and acquiring good values of life. Although the school ambient is rather strict and time-table based, yet there is lot of fun and joy in the school. Matches, tournaments, cultural shows, competitions, outings, etc. make my school life lively, interesting and enjoyable. I am proud to be a student of Don Bosco Secondary School, Tura. As I glance back at the bygone school years, my heart swells up with gratitude and thanks giving for the twelve wonderful years that I spent in the school. My school has profoundly shaped and moulded me more than any other factors in my life. School is a temple of learning and a training ground for future citizens. The name of my school is JB High School. It was set up in 1943 by a land-lord in our area. He donated land and money for the school. The atmosphere in which our school is situated is very pleasant. It is surrounded by a play ground on one side and a garden with a small pond on the other. The school has two rows of big buildings. The name of the school is written on the front building. There are ten class rooms in the front building. Other ten rooms in the back building are used for different purposes such as the Head Master’s Office, Library, the Clerk’s Office, the Science Laboratory, the Teachers’ Common-room, the N.C.C. and Scout Room, etc. There is also a hostel in our school campus. There are twenty teachers, a PET, a librarian, a clerk and two peons in our school. All the teachers are qualified and experienced. The Head Master is a learned man. He teaches Science and Geography. He also teaches English. The total number of students of our school is about five hundred. We go to school in uniform. The uniform for boys consists of blue half-pant and white half shirt. For girls it consists of blue skirt and white blouse. The school functions from 10.30 A.M. to 4 P.M. classes begin after a mass prayer. During the recess hour we go to play ground. Some students also go to library and read newspaper there. In games period we play football, volley ball, etc. Girl students play ring ball too. The library of our school is a big one. There are about two thousand books on different subjects; we have a library period in our weekly routine. We borrow books from our library and refund them after a week. We observe the Republic Day, the Independence Day, the Teacher’s Day in our school. We also celebrate the Ganesh Puja and the Saraswati Puja in our school. We also hold debate competitions and games and sports every year. The school magazine named â€Å"the Shree† is published every year. In annual examinations the students from our school show brilliant performance. Many students from this school have occupied glorious position in our state. The District Science Exhibition is also held in our school. Two years ago a classical teacher from our school won the Governor’s Award. The discipline, the study atmosphere and the brilliant academic result of our school attract many meritorious students from distant parts of our state. It is an ideal school in all respects.

Friday, January 10, 2020

What is Wisdom?

I. Has your view of wisdom changed since the beginning of the course? Explain how and why. Since the beginning of the course, my view of wisdom remained the same. However, I was able to enrich my knowledge because of the definitions and discussion on the subject by the different philosophers whose ideas of wisdom greatly shaped the word. After taking the course I was able to come up with the conclusion that wisdom can be defined differently according to observations of a person towards how wisdom is being used or misused. Interestingly, even scholars and the learned have their respective sets of definition for wisdom. However, it will still be evident that in the bottom line, wisdom will still be one thing and this is how a person uses the capability of his mind to create or make decisions. There are things in my preliminary essay which I questioned throughout the course. One example is the thought that wisdom is the use of intellect. There were times in the course of study where wisdom is discussed in terms of emotion, or the heart. This made me wonder whether wisdom is purely the mind’s work, and assessing the different definitions I came into the conclusion that my preliminary thoughts were true. Still, there are parts in my former definition of wisdom that changed. I pointed out early on that wisdom amongst children and the younger adults may be lacking due to being inexperienced which I now proved otherwise. As Thoreau points out, the older a wise person becomes the less his wisdom becomes significant because of new things and developments that occur everyday. Thus, there are certain aspects where a child or a young adult may know more while an older, more experienced person know less or nothing about. In the same way, old knowledge may be more familiar to an older person when compared to a younger one. Yet I still remain faithful to the fact that the definitions pertinent to wisdom are numerous, as I pointed out in my preliminary essay. Wisdom can be identified with the current pre-occupation of the person defining it—whereas a scientist may define wisdom in a scientific way, a teacher may define it in an instructive way, and a student may define it in a learner’s way. The possibilities in which wisdom may be defined are endless. II. Whose view (Socrates, Thoreau, Huxley, Piper, or Frankl) seems to be most reasonable? Why? Of the views discussed in class, Thoreau’s is the most significant. He stated that a man’s wisdom and ignorance are results of his time, citing the yield of people to superstition of their time as an example. (Creating Minds, 2007) This is especially true even to this day and age. A person may be wise for his age, but new studies, inventions, and scholarly developments can tend to outdate his wisdom and in the process introduce other people who can seem wiser an fuller because their knowledge is far more updated that the wise people ahead of them. In hindsight, this is why a person would never cease learning, because once he does his wisdom will definitely deteriorate. Mencken states that the older he grows he realized that wisdom does not come of age. This is ratified by Van Buren, who likened wisdom coming from age with wine saying it a person will only be wise with age like wine if the grapes are good enough to begin with. (Moncur, 2007) True enough, knowledge does not come of age. Wisdom is brought about by a never-ending free-flow of knowledge despite age. Children and young adults can get a deep well of wisdom if they are motivated to learn, and adults will also improve on their wisdom if they do not stop learning. Continuous learning is an important aspect of sustaining wisdom, whereby new information consistently is being added up to one’s well of knowledge which he can process and use to make sound and wise decisions. To be wholly wise, it is important that a person gets out of his somfort zone and try things that are not normally done by someone his age, or someone whose occupation is similar to him. When a person is not open to learn new things, even if he has the age capability to learn them, he will be outdated with information and his well of wisdom gets short of this additional information. III. Whose view (Socrates, Thoreau, Huxley, Piper, or Frankl) seems to be the least reasonable? Why? Of the views discussed in class, Frankl’s is the least reasonable. To begin with, he insists that wisdom comes from the heart and that this can make wisdom more sensible than the wisdom wrought from the mind. Given that this is factual in its deepest sense, wisdom still goes back to being a function of the mind. Questioning everything, Lichtenberg said, is the first step to wisdom—and altogether accepting that everything is the last step to wisdom. (Moncur, 2007) Therefore, it is difficult to accept that wisdom from the heart, though claimed more sensible, is the real essence of wisdom. It is true that wisdom can be affected by what the heart feels, but the capability to be wise is exclusively spawned by the mind. There may be contentions to this. A charity worker, for example, may prove it wise to day that true wisdom comes from the heart because the nature of the work he is in touches more in emotion. On the other hand, a scholar whose preoccupation is more on knowledge and improving this knowledge will prove this otherwise. Again, definitions will vary according to who is defining the word. Yet it is still improbable to say that this is reasonable as compared to wisdom’s other definitions by other scholars and philosophers, especially those whose ideas were discussed in class. This sums up how the work of the mind breeds wisdom. It is not the heart which is wise. Emotions bred by the heart are also not acceptable, as scientifically it has been noted that it is the hypothalamus and not the heart that is capable of telling a person how to respond through emotions. In summation, this says that Frankl’s definition of wisdom can be misinterpreted in a lot of ways, and thus it is the least reasonable as compared to the definitions by other philosophers whose definitions were discussed in class.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

The Trinity Project Testing The Effects of a Nuclear Weapon

The Trinity Project was a project conducted to test the effects of a nuclear weapon. The Trinity nuclear device was detonated on a 100-foot tower on the Alamogordo Bombing Range in south-central New Mexico at 0530 hours on 16 July 1945. (Rohrer, 1995-2003). This project was organized by the Manhattan Engineer District (MED). This organization worked diligently planning and coordinating all of the logistics for the groundbreaking event. From 1945-1946 over 1000 personnel either worked or visited the test site. The United States was trying to gain nuclear proliferation throughout the world so this project was necessary for our enemies to see the devastation of a nuclear blast. One of the driving forces behind the trinity†¦show more content†¦General Groves, with his customary bluster and intensity, wished to make Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, the initial target for the atomic bomb to inflict the maximum psychological shock on the Japanese populace, but Stimson with T ruman’s eventual backing, overrode him. (C.S.C., 2011). The first test was made of the implosion type of fission atomic bomb. The scientist and the Generals did not drop the first bomb from a plane, but from a 100 foot steel tower. To assure the defeat of Japan Truman and Byrnes worried about the test that took place in the desert of New Mexico on July 16 in the city of Alamogordo. The code name for the Manhattan project was called â€Å"Trinity† people never knew why the project was named Trinity, but it was speculated that Oppenheimer picked it in reference of the divine Hindu trinity of Brahma (the Creator), Vishnu (the Preserver), and Shiva (the Destroyer). (, 2003) General Groves and Robert Oppenheimer took the lead with a series of officials and scientist for the initial test. Scientists seemed to be elated at the project, because they expended so much energy on this project that even Oppenheimer, he climbed the tower to give the bomb its final inspection. Once the inspection was complete all of the personnel moved to a protected observationShow MoreRelatedThe Manhattan Project And How Did It Affect The World? Essay1528 Words   |  7 PagesWhat is the Manhattan Project? And how did it affect the world? The Manhattan Project was a secret project that was kept from public knowledge and even the vice president didn’t even know about the project until the completion of the project was nearly done. The Manhattan Project has hundreds of scientists and was based out of numerous locations spread through out the country and there were many testing sights, but the most common testing sight was the one that was located in a desert in New MexicoRead MoreNuclear Warfare Is The Use Of Nuclear Weapons As A Military1204 Words   |  5 PagesNuclear warfare is the use of nuclear weapons as a military strategy against enemies. Nuclear weapons or atomic weapons are bombs or missiles that use nuclear energy to explode and are considered the most powerful and destructive weapon ever created. The U.S. was the first country to build an atomic bomb in 1945 after Albert Einstein wrote a letter to President Roosevelt, concerned about efforts in Nazi Germany to purify uranium-235 and create an atomic bomb. For this reason, the U.S. began The ManhattanRead MoreAmerican Research And Development Of An Atomic Bomb1727 Words   |  7 PagesThe purpose of this letter was to inform the President that the Germans supposedly discovered the secrets to developing nuclear weaponry and to urge the President to do the same. This letter changed the course of human history, setting the stage for the development of weapons that would alter warfare forever (Primary Sources: Letter from Einstein to FDR). The Manhattan Project was the code-name given to the American research and development of an atomic bomb. The high-stakes chess game of WorldRead MoreOutline Of The Manhattan Project1621 Words   |  7 Pages The Manhattan Project Jervontae Young Mr.Davis English III 16 october 2017 Outline Thesis Statement: The Manhattan Project was the American program for researching and developing the first atomic bombs because of the project it cost a lot of people their lives. Introduction Which President form the Atomic Bomb in why? The agencies leading up to the Manhattan Project were first formed in 1939 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt U.S. intelligence operatives reported that scientists workingRead MoreThe World s First Atomic Bomb Essay1326 Words   |  6 PagesOppenheimer. The Manhattan Project was the research and making of the world’s first atomic weapons. This was a major asset that led the U.S into beating Japan and caused the war to cumulate. The Manhattan Project brought nations together, took the necessary measure to end World War II, and gave America multiple industrial advancements used in modern day warfare. The Manhattan Project was the code name for the effort to produce the first atomic bomb during WWII. The project began in 1939, when twoRead MoreTechnology During World War II1082 Words   |  5 Pagesof Warfare: Atomic Weapons The creation of atomic weapons during World War II is probably the most important technological outcome from the war. Research to develop atomic energy was given the name the Manhattan Project. The project had been under the control of Major General Leslie Groves of the U.S. Army. J. Robert Oppenheimer was the head of directing the Los Alamos National Laboratory which was responsible for the creation of the actual atomic weapons. The Manhattan Project had been supportedRead MoreTheu.s. Army Corps Of Engineers1566 Words   |  7 PagesDuring the early 1940s President Franklin D. Roosevelt commissioned â€Å"the Manhattan Engineer District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers† to start the creation of the United States wartime atomic bombs (Findlay Hevly, 2011, p. XI). Dubbed the Manhattan Project, the area of Hanford, Washington became the new plutonium factory after the federal government acquired â€Å"670-square-mile reservation† (Findlay Hevly, 2011, p. XI). This rese rvation was made up of private land holdings, but became condemned forRead MoreOperation Paperclip s Modern Effects1448 Words   |  6 PagesOperation Paperclip’s Modern Effects It was the middle of the 20th century, the world was in disorder yet peace as it did its best to recover from World War II. Nations from both sides of what is still considered one of the greatest outbreaks of war in history were not only competing in the air, in the sea, and on land, but also in the field of science. After the war, America made an astutely tactful choice: they took the German scientists for employment in the states. The outcome of this tacticRead MoreNuclear Weapons And Its Impact On The World1702 Words   |  7 Pagestechnology and nation destroying weapons were not far off. With the threat of the Germans creating Wonder Weapons which could win them the war and the world we enlisted the help of defected German scientists and Americas greatest minds scientifically and military alike. With the fear of losing hundreds of thousands of troops in japan we used the first atomic bombs setting a new world standard for warfare and changing the way our nation was viewed. The deadly effects this weapon would cause shook the worldRead MoreThe Power Of God : A Push Of A Button1639 Words   |  7 Pagesall in a push of a button. Nuclear weapons are the most destructive, powerful, barbaric weapons ever used and made in human history. They have the capability of wiping out populations of people, destroying entire ecosystems, tearing down cities in a matter of seconds. These weapons are unlike any other for they are unique in their tenacious, dispersing, genetically damaging radioactive after effects. They are so powerful that even the use of tens or hundreds of nuclear bombs would disrupt the global

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Understanding Do Paper for Sale

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The Great Depression During World War I And Industry

The great depression was an economic recession in America that spanned between the years of 1929-1939. Although this was sparked by the stock market crash on October 29, 1929, there were several long term causes, most prominently, the decline of both the agricultural industry post World War I and industry. After the end of the first World War, food demand decreased 40% internationally, leading to a decrease in farmers’ profits. To compensate for this, farmers expanded and overplanted their farms, digging up the roots of native grasses in order to plant more crops. Unfortunately, this deflated the price of crops. In addition, digging up the native grasses allowed winds to blow the nutritious topsoil from the land, causing less fruitful†¦show more content†¦He hoped that businesses would collaborate along with churches, private organizations, and other industries to alleviate suffering and distribute relief. However, in the election of 1932, Franklin Delano Roosevelt to ok office, and with it, a dramatic shift in the ideology of the government began. He implemented his plan to combat the Great Depression, The New Deal, a series of programs to help reform the economy and provide relief for citizens. The New Deal was a success because it helped give relief, comfort, and jobs to those in need and also helped reform our broken economy. The new deal was especially successful because Roosevelt did everything in his power to calm those suffering from the Great Depression. In his inaugural address, Roosevelt is optimistic about the situation, saying that even though this isn’t one of America’s finest moments, â€Å"In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness and vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory,† (document 9). From this speech, Roosevelt is setting a promise to the suffering citizens, stating that not only will they get out of this economic ni ghtmare, they’ll get out of it stronger and more courageous than before. Not only this, but he backs up these words through his many programs in the New Deal. This is best explained in document

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Misconceptions of Pit Bulls Essay Sample free essay sample

Few Canis familiariss are as celebrated and as feared in America as the Pit Bull. The American Pit Bull Terrier is the merchandise of crossbreeding between Old English Terrier and English Bulldogs to bring forth a Canis familiaris that combined the lameness of the terrier with the strength and strenuosity of the bulldog. These Canis familiariss were ab initio bred in England. and arrived in the United States with the laminitiss. In the U. S. . these Canis familiariss were used as catch Canis familiariss for semi-wild cowss and pigs. to run. to drive farm animal. and as household comrades. Some have been selectively bred for their combat art. The United Kennel Club ( UKC ) was the first register to acknowledge the American Pit Bull Terrier. in 1898. It can be disputing non to be emotional one manner or the other about these eyetooths. Particularly if you’ve cared for one or if a friend or loved one was involved in an incident with a Pit Bull. One group of Americans would state they are blood thirsty monsters. while another argues they’re loving. safe Canis familiariss and proprietors are to fault for any â€Å"bad† Pit Bulls. Where is the truth? It’s someplace in between the two. It becomes more confusing when trying to place precisely how many Pit Bulls are to fault for Canis familiaris or human onslaughts. When the term â€Å"Pit Bull† is seen in the imperativeness. it can mention to any type of Canis familiaris. More frequently than person would presume. a Canis familiaris that attacked person and is erroneously labeled a Pit Bull is really a cur or a different strain wholly. Even if a exposure is included and it appears to be a Pit Bull. it could really good be any figure of mixes which produce similar features in a strain. When giving a idea to it. reprobating a Canis familiaris based on its physical traits is really declaring his guilt based strictly on his visual aspect. That merely isn’t carnival. Unfortunately there are reasonable people who candidly feel that Pit Bulls and any Canis familiaris that remotely resembles one is a danger to society. These people may non retain the proper information sing Canis familiariss and surely have a misconception refering to Pits. These people are being bombarded with an surplus of bad imperativeness about these eyetooths. It’s evident that the media skews and misconstrues of import information in relation to Pits and ill informs the populace. Statistics behind the fury are less than accurate. Even the Center for Disease Control states that Canis familiaris bite and Canis familiaris onslaught informations can non be gathered exactly. Still. the subdivision of society that does non experience safe with Pit Bulls has a right to their side being heard. Sing the burden they are fed about these animate beings. it’s no admiration they don’t believe the Pit Bull protagonists. One common misconception is the impression that all Pit Bulls are â€Å"bad. † Dogs do non possess a scruples and they can non be â€Å"bad. † Pit Bulls react to their universe based entirely on their genteelness and preparation. They have been bread for the past two hundred old ages for the intent of bring forthing instinctual combatants. It is improbable that those inherent aptitudes would vanish from the species. That being said. no Canis familiaris is innately â€Å"good. † Their behaviour is based on a combination of their owner’s instructions and their inherent aptitudes. Trying to sell the Pit Bull to the populace as an guiltless puppy does a ill service to the populace. to possible Pit Bull proprietors. and to Pits themselves. Since Pits were bred to contend Canis familiariss in a ring. the proprietors had to do certain they would non turn on them when they attempted to recover their Canis familiariss after a battle concluded. Imagine an aggressive Canis familiaris with the ability to be calmed by its proprietor after being riled up from contending. When a Pit Bull attacks a individual. there are about ever other factors involved. such as protection of nutrient. Any Canis familiaris may seize with teeth if provoked. One common premise is that Pit Bulls have a really strong bite. Unfortunately for Pit Bull lovers. this is sometimes unhappily true. Myths such as the locked jaw have been disproved. A Pit Bull’s traits make him of course more goaded. See these: doggedness ( they frequently fought till the decease in Canis familiaris lucifers ) . lameness. prey thrust. a compact. strong. muscular organic structure ( Pits can draw up to 7. 000 lbs ) and centuries of contending inherent aptitude. Although. there are excessively many factors involved in Canis familiaris bites. such as the size of the animate being and where the bite in inquiry occurred. to do a cover statement. In their favour. a Pit Bull will probably listen and obey better than other Canis familiariss if decently trained. Another premise is that one time a Pit Bull has a yesteryear of contending it’s impossible for them to be adopted and retrained. Despite this common sentiment. an experiment was one time performed. Fifty Pit Bulls were rescued from a contending ring. Forty nine of the 50 Canis familiariss were rehabilitated. Some went to shelters such as Best Friends and many are well-loved household members today. The proving used to find these dogs’ ability to suit into society was thorough. extended. and carefully carried out. Pit Bulls are different from other Canis familiariss and possible proprietors need to be made cognizant of the facts before sing delivering or buying one. For illustration. a Canis familiaris lover who has had Bichons all her life will be sorely surprised unless she does her prep and understand the bully strains. Pits need a batch of construction. a really marked human alpha. preparation. exercising and tonss of attending. The proprietor needs consistence. clip. energy and quite perchance some musculus. Any animate being who has this much energy and motive embedded into his Deoxyribonucleic acid can do jobs if he doesn’t acquire adequate attending and exercising. Pit Bulls particularly put their whole Black Marias into devastation – one’s rug. couch. rubbish. or worse. one’s 300 $ boots. In all actuality what they truly require is to hold that boundless energy redirected. A possible proprietor would decidedly necessitate to be educated exhaustively in agencies of developing their new pet. Pit Bulls are extremely trainable but that being said. preparation is perfectly compulsory. Sing the size. power. and enthusiasm of Pits. a austere. determined trainer and consistent preparation is perfectly compulsory. Their intelligence. focal point. lameness. trueness and desire to delight do them one of the most docile Canis familiariss. Unfortunately. both sides of the Pit Bull argumen t are frequently obstinate refering their sentiments and solutions. The group against Pit Bulls is in favour of something called Breed Specific Legislation. This gives power to an office to find certain strains are unfit for society. and in bend ban the strain in inquiry from being lawfully owned. For those that think the Breed Specific Legislation is incorrect. they need to be realistic about how to set an terminal to it. For those that think Pit Bulls are unsafe. they need to acknowledge that censoring Pits cryings profoundly loved pets off from their households and what they propose merely will non set a complete halt to all unsafe Canis familiariss. A practical and considerate solution would name for a spot of giving on both sides. Compulsory muzzle statute law of Pit Bulls in public topographic points in exchange for no Breed Specific Legislation may turn out the lone hope in coming to a sensible via media. Pit Bulls are similar to other Canis familiariss. yet they’re besides alone. Their lameness. focal point. desire to delight and boundless energy can be seen strongly as either productive or unproductive qualities. The existent fast one is to use these features in focussed drama and work. in bend determining a loyal. obedient. loving animate being from what was one time thought a unsafe animal. Regardless of one’s ain experience with these animate beings. the issue merely can non be observed in a black or white manor. Hopefully one twenty-four hours society as a whole can be better educated of the difference between fact and stereotype. and Pit Bulls will be seen for what loving. extremely trainable. loyal. and misunderstood animals they genuinely are.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Ways to Reduce Global Warming Essay Example

Ways to Reduce Global Warming Paper These harmful processes have been leading to a large increase in the buildup of greenhouse gases, which are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hilariousnesss, and water vapors. Global warming is an extremely severe problem facing the world today. Its effects and causes have been on the rise and people need to do something about it before the problem gets any worse. There are several ways to reduce the effects of global warming. The first way is you can choose vegetarian meals. Choosing vegetarian foods can be drastically reduces agricultural water consumption and land use, and favorably impacts biodiversity. Vegetarian diets also have been shown to promote good health and in most developed countries, eliminating meat from ones diet is as easy as making responsible choices at tortes and restaurants. If one eats meat it should always be from a local source. It is better, if you eat what you have planted. You can lessen your negative global warming impacts by eating food that is grown in your area, instead of choosing foods that have been shipped halfway around the world. It is because, food transportation is a major cause of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. We will write a custom essay sample on Ways to Reduce Global Warming specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Ways to Reduce Global Warming specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Ways to Reduce Global Warming specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer So, using foods which require less transportation helps the environment and at the same time reduce global warming problem. The second way is you can change your lamp with compact fluorescent bulb. According to a research in America, replace three frequently used light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs can save 300 lbs. Of carbon dioxide and LOSSES per year. A standard compact fluorescent bulb will save around one third of a tone of greenhouse gas, along with the cost of six or more incandescent globes. You can use compact fluorescent bulb even more in your houses or offices and if you want, you can give them as gifts to family and friends. It is better if you can donate a set to a local charity to refit their office with compact fluorescent lights. In other hand, you must remember hat compact fluorescent light bulbs do contain small amounts of toxic mercury. Therefore, proper disposal (recycling) is necessary to prevent any additional landfill contamination. In addition, you can also start looking into light emitting diode bulbs (LED light bulbs) which have started to crop up recently because they are even more efficient. So, the choosing to make the decision to reduce the global warming effects is in your hand. Last but not least, you can also use public transportation. Taking the bus, the train, the subway or other forms of public transportation lessens the dad on the roads and reduces ones individual greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 1600 pounds per year. Taking public transport also removes the stress of long road commutes and gives you a great opportunity to read, think, and relax. You also save on parking money and time wasted looking for parking spaces you can also have car-pooling with your officemates or neighbors. If you cant live without a car, then use it in a way that minimizes global impact. You can also make a good choice by buying a hybrid car. The average driver could save 16,000 lbs. Of carbon dioxide and a lot total of none by driving a hybrid. Moreover, plug-in hybrids can save even more and one day may be able to give cash back. You can also pretend to buy a fuel efficient car. It can save up to 20,000 lbs. Of carbon dioxide per year using a more fuel efficient car. Buying fuel efficient cars not only reduce the amount of carbon dioxide release but also encourage companies to continue making and improving them owing to increased demand. So, lets take this simple way to reduce global warming effects. In conclusion, the several ways to reduce the effects of global warming are choose vegetarian meals, change your lamp with compact allurements bulb, and use public transportation or hybrid and fuel efficient car. I think, all people in the world can take these simple ways in their daily lives. Although it is very difficult to reverse once the process is started, global warming has to be stopped if we want to live like we are now. If it is not controlled, problems such as the drastic rise of sea levels, increasing of temperature rapidly, melting of glacier and along with others, will definitely disrupt our living patterns. So, let us not put our finger to others, but we must start from ourselves and take the ways to reduce the effects of global warming.